Private Story Names For Snapchat

Hello guys, Today I want to talk all about snapchat stories and in particular private stories on snapchat and everything you need to know about.

That whether it’s how you actually make a private story who can view your private story. How it’s different from your regular public story and everything like that that’s what this blog is gonna be.

What Is Private Story Names

The first thing we have to answer is what is a private story and how is it different from a regular story. So a regular story on snapchat you just take a picture or video whatever you want to post you post it and normally anyone can see it whether they’re friends with you and added you on snapchat or not.

If they see you in the discovere paid or if they see you in the quick add section. They can go and view your story. Now there is the regular story where you have your settings.

So it’s only friends and then you have private story, private story mix so that you’re able to go and pick who actually views your story so maybe you don’t want certain friends seeing what you’re posting or maybe your family members on your snapchat or whatever.

How To Use Private Story Names For Snapchat

Today we are going to tell you how to use Snapchat story on IOs and android devices. Once you have created an account and have signed into Snapchat a screen will appear that says find your friends.

Press continue and allow Snapchat to access your contacts. Then go through your directory and create a list of people in your contacts that use Snapchat. Tap the add button on the right side of contacts to be able to send snaps and view stories.

If you press skip on that first screen for finding friends, No problem you can also add friends by tapping on the icon on the top right. It depicts a person and a plus sign in a circle. This will also pull up people that use Snapchat from your contacts.

Again you can add someone by tapping the add button to the right of their name. If you want to follow specific Influencers or people who aren’t in your contacts. Then hit the find friends bar and type in the person’s name or username.

Press the subscribe button to the right of their name and you’ll be able to see their snaps. Snapchat allows you to edit your snaps in several ways. To add text tap anywhere on the snap and a text bar will appear.

After you type what you want. you can change the color by using the sliding scale on the top right. You can also change the font by tapping through the options on your text. When you are done editing your text, press done on your keyboard.

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